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Curiosity 12: #Solutions

Curiosity, August 2021: Structural, political and socioeconomic challenges persist in South Africa. Yet the current zeitgeist also presents opportunities. Now is the time to galvanise our collective strengths towards finding #Solutions grounded in the values that we need to cherish as a society – excellence, the commitment to social justice, and the seeking of new knowledge to advance the public good. Our research offers new ways to address the multiple challenges, as well as astounding ‘moonshot moments’ to advance science which give us hope and inspiration for the future. #WitsForGood

In this issue:

  1. No place for politics in bricks and mortar (Page 8): Energy, water, roads and buildings … South Africa’s infrastructure seems to be falling apart at the seams. How to save the country from further deterioration.
  2. Photographing ghosts in space (Page 26): Set with the virtually impossible task of photographing a black hole in space, 55 million light years from Earth, a group of scientists went to unprecedented lengths to overcome this challenge.
  3. Sense and sensuality in people with disabilities (Page 34): Researchers are creating space and support for people with disabilities to talk about sex.
  4. What the world needs now (Page 46): As the world looks to COP26 in November 2021, it’s clear that the time for sitting on the side-lines is over – and so is thinking that ill-conceptualised tradeoffs and compromises are going to cut it.


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